Detoxing Your Home

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health professional, and cannot be held liable for the information written here. This blog post is meant to provide information that helps you understand the benefits of detoxing your home.  We are not medical experts or claiming to be one, this is purely our opinion. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Do not use it as an alternative to seeking help from a medical professional.
Did you know there could be a lot of harmful toxins lurking in
the home?

From flooring to paint and medications to cleaning
products; we are surrounded by toxins every single day.
While a low level of toxins isn’t harmful to the body, too much
of them could cause serious health issues. Here, you’ll discover why removing harmful chemicals in the home is important.

It’s harmful to kids
While harmful chemicals impact everyone in the household, kids

are known to be particularly susceptible to exposure. Young
children especially are exposed to a lot more chemicals than
adults. This is because they crawl across the floor, place
things in their mouths and breathe more air than adults.

The trouble is that their bodies are still developing. The
immune system isn’t as strong as it is for an adult. This means
they are even more at risk of developing harmful effects from
the chemicals they are surrounded with.

Increased risk of lung diseases

Harmful chemicals can have a number of effects on the
respiratory system. The most common issues caused by high levels
of chemical exposure include asthma and lung disease.

The main chemicals that can lead to issues with respiratory
issues include Cadmium, Benzene and Asbestos. The latter is
typically found in old insulation, while Cadmium is found in old
batteries and Benzene is found in degreasers.

Potential impact on the renal system

You’ll also find harmful chemicals can potentially impact your
renal system too. This part of the body is responsible for
eliminating waste, regulating body fluids and salt levels.
The damage caused to the renal system by harmful chemicals can
include kidney tissue damage, kidney cancer and a limited
ability to filter the blood.

Possible chemicals that could impact the renal system include
lead, Mercury and Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Lead is
found in outdated plumbing and old paint, while Mercury is found
thermostats and fish. Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents are found
in dry cleaning solutions, degreasers and paint removers.

Potential reproductive issues

Exposure to high levels of harmful chemicals can
also cause problems with reproduction. You may find it more
difficult to conceive, it can increase the risk of pregnancy loss, and cause potential birth defects. In some cases, it can even cause infertility.

The chemicals putting you at risk of reproductive issues include
Methyl Mercury, lead and carbon monoxide. Methyl Mercury is
largely found in fish and coal burning power.

These are just some of the ways harmful chemicals can impact
your health. They can also cause issues for the nervous system,
such as sight, memory and speech. The immune system can also be
impacted, and it can cause troubles like rashes and dermatitis
for the skin.

There are a lot of chemicals that can impact your health in the home. The above are just some of the reasons why it is important to remove harmful chemicals from the home. While you can’t eliminate all chemicals completely, it is
possible to reduce the amount in the home to improve your